(Love at First Sight... kind of)

John and I (also known as The Blind Woodsman and HoneyBee) first met at the Emil Fries School of Piano Technology for the Blind.  John was in his final year there as a student and I was a participating artist in the school's "Keys to the City" fundraising project. I was collaborating with a group of kids that lived at the Open House Family Shelter. The theme of our piano was coincidentally...love. I went in early to start prepping the piano before the kids got there. John walked right into the classroom I was working in and put his hand on the piano I had been painting (still wet!). We both apologized, laughing nervously.


We spent the next week working in the same classroom on our separate projects, realizing how much we had in common. One of those things was our mutual love of music. The day I heard Joni Mitchell on his playlist, I was a goner! The first thing I noticed about John, I'll be honest, were those dimples. The second was his infectious sense of humor and incredibly kind heart. Neither one of us knew how important that day we met would be or what journey we were just about to start together!

So a typical blind date consists of two people who have never met each other and usually have no idea what the other looks like. Our first date was unique in that we had already met, I knew what John looked like, but he had never seen me. Before this, I had never asked anyone out on a date but I knew that John was the passive sort - I knew it was up to me. We had been flirting and talking for about a week when I decided to do it. It took me twenty minutes of dialing his number and hanging up to finally get up the nerve. I asked him if he was free that evening and he suggested we harvest peas from his community garden space. Be still my tree-hugging, dirt-worshipping heart! His friends teased him that I would never call him again after going on a date in which gardening was the focus. They couldn't be more wrong!

As we sat in the dirt (I was barefoot and happy as can be), we talked about music, books, and gardening. I had brought along my camera so I took photos of him as he worked. The sun started to set, so we sat in the grass near the garden getting into more deep conversation. I asked him if he knew what I looked like and he said no. He told me he had asked his friend what I looked like and they responded that I was "a hot mama".

I've never had to describe myself to someone, but I did my best. He asked if he could "feel" what I looked like and I teased him (I still do to this day!) that this was the best pick up line I've ever heard. He grinned deeply (those dimples!), shrugged, and said, "Hey, a blind guy only has so many moves."

Three years later we got married at the pea patch where we had our first date. John and I now live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with our fur kid Pickle.





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2010 - present

2010 - present

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