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This is our pride and joy, a book we co-wrote in 2023.

We hope you’ll join us on our journey of art, healing and love.

Includes a bookmark printed on linen paper.

“Dance like everyone is blind”

Comes with a personal message hand written by John!

Signed by both Anni and John

Book published by Fox Chapel

The Blind Woodsman is an inspiring and motivational autobiography about a man who finds true joy after struggling with depression, drug addiction, anxiety, financial despair and a failed suicide attempt at the age of 16. John Furniss, more famously known today as "The Blind Woodsman," along with his wife, inspiration and fellow artist Anni share their amazing story with the mission to help others. Despite being blind, John is now a highly skilled woodworker creating incredible pieces of art in complete darkness. Chapter one starts with how John and Anni met preceded by John sharing his experiences as a young teen and challenges along the way. Be inspired by the amazing images of John's work and many inspirational messages that will make you laugh and smile along the way. A story that will give hope and inspiration to those dealing with depression, addiction and the many anxiety driven stresses in our lives.


Publish Date2024-03-19

Size6.0" x 9.0" x 0.0"

AuthorJohn and Anni Furniss

“The Blind Woodsman” Memoir, signed with a personalized message!

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