John Furniss

 Award Winning Woodturner

and Inspirational Speaker

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Store Restock Sunday August 21st 10am Pacific Time

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As a blind woodworker, the blueprints for any of my projects start forming as a picture held in my mind. Because I have previously had vision, it allows me to visualize the design and change it any way I need until it feels right. In my own way I still use sight by forming a physical object that originated from an imagined diagram. The journey in my own wood shop has mirrored my journey through blindness. Each project has brought its own challenge, much like navigating the landscape of a sighted world without sight.

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John Furniss has overcome remarkable obstacles in his life.

At age 16, he survived a suicide attempt by a self-inflicted gunshot and learned how to navigate the world with total blindness. After years of meth addiction, John was able to clean up and the healing began.

Today he is an artistic woodworker and motivational speaker. His talks focus on overcoming personal limitations, viewing the world in new ways and disability etiquette. He has three years of experience speaking to schools, church groups, art groups, and most recently as a VANTalks speaker at         Kiggins Theatre.

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